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Trodat Rubber Stamps Zimbabwe

Rubber stamps in Zimbabwe, Trodat Rubber Stamps store in Harare & Bulawayo makes company seals, customized company stamps, notary public seals, date stamps, stamp ink pads, Colop rubber stamps, Zimbabwe government stamps, self-inking stamps, bank date stamps, hand stamps, watermarks, embossing seals, commissioner of oaths stamps, paid stamps, received, approved, posted, school stamps, laboratory stamps, tobacco sales stamps, pharmacy stamps, security checked stamps, invoice books, quotation books, receipt books, business signs, pre-inking stamps, pocket stamps and notarial stickers.

Rubber Stamps Zimbabwe and Trodat Zimbabwe

Date Stamps

A date stamp is a rubber stamp with adjustable date bands that indicate a date when stamping. In Zimbabwe date stamps are used on banking transactions, food packaging, posted envelopes and business documents.

Date Stamps Harare Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Seal Embossers & Wax Seals

A seal is used to guarantee authenticity of a document or a letter using wax or a seal press embosser. In Zimbabwe Trodat seal press embossers are widely used more than traditional wax seals which are unforgiving to mistakes.

seal embosser wax stamp Harare Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Rubber Stamps

A rubber stamp is a machine with raised text and other designs made using rubber, used for printing hard to counterfeit impressions using specialised ink. Trodat Zimbabwe rubber stamps are laser engraved.

Rubber Stamps Harare Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Trodat Printy 4913 rubber stamp, company stamps, paid stamps

Trodat Printy 4913 Rubber Stamp

The Trodat Printy 4913 rubber stamp is a compact company stamp without adjustable date bands. It can be customized with a logo and 5 lines of text. The rubber stamp is popularly used as a paid stamp, received stamp, approved stamp, posted stamp, dispatch stamp, signature rubber stamp, and other small impression applications.

USD$20 / ZWD$74000

Buy Trodat 4913
Trodat 4913 Specs
  • Max size: 58 x 22 mm
  • Optional with cap
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Red and Black colour
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Plastic construction
Trodat Printy 4727 date stamp, customised company stamps, received date stamps and dispatch stamp

Trodat Printy 4727 Date Stamp

The Trodat Printy 4727 date stamp is the best selling company rubber stamp in Zimbabwe. It is affordable, strong and can be customised with your businesses details including company logo, name, address and telephone numbers.

USD$30 / ZWD$111000

Buy Trodat 4727
Trodat 4727 Specs
  • Max size: 60 x 40 mm
  • Date size: 4 mm
  • Climate-neutral
  • Red and Black colour
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Plastic construction
Trodat Professional 5460 Company Stamp and date stamp

Trodat Professional 5460 Company Stamp

The Trodat Professional 5460 date stamp is the most durable and stylish rubber stamp in Zimbabwe. It is used as a company stamp, bank stamp, legal practitioner stamp for lawyers, commissioner of oaths stamp, certified true copy stamp, notary public stamp, conveyancer stamp and many more endless applications.

USD$45 / ZWD$166500

Buy Trodat 5460
Trodat 5460 Specs
  • Max size: 56 x 33 mm
  • Date size: 4 mm
  • Climate-neutral
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Self-inking stamp
Notary seal, company seal, monogram stamp, watermark stamp, embosser and Trodat Ideal Seal Press

Trodat Ideal Seal Press

Trodat Ideal Seal Presses are used as notary seals, company seals, certificate seal stamps, monogram stamps, watermark stamps, book embossing stamps and crafts stamp embossers. The Trodat Ideal Seal is a pocket/desk embosser.

Notary Public Seal

A notary seal is a crimping embosser used to authenticate the Notary's signature with a watermark like impression, to secure and mark difficult to counterfeit official documents.

Company Seal

Company seals are used by businesses and educational institutions as a security feature on certificates, documents, letters and tokens.

USD$80 / ZWD$296000

Buy Trodat Ideal seal

Rubber Stamps Payment Methods

We take all forms of payments in Zimbabwe from USD, ZIPIT, RTGS, EcoCash or other remittence services such as MUKURU, Access Forex, or Banc ABC City Hopper.

Bank Transfers (RTGS / ZIPIT)


  • Bank Name: Steward bank
  • Account Name: Digital Industries Zimbabwe Trodat
  • Account Number: 1037190981
  • Branch: Avondale
  • Telephone Number: 0773625635

EcoCash / POS Swipe


  • Number: 0773 625 635
  • Account Name: Andrew Mutenga

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USD Payments

USD Cash Payments

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Cash Deposit (Zero Bank Charges)

  • Bank Name: Banc ABC / Pic n Pay
  • Account Name: Andrew Mutenga
  • Account Type: Prepaid Visa
  • Account Number: 4867 6210 1524 3154

USD Remittence Services

InnBucks, EcoCash USD, MUKURU, Access Forex.

  • Name: Andrew Mutenga
  • ID Number: 63-1390433Y42
  • Telephone Number: 0773625635
  • Address: 55 Fife Avenue, Harare

Date Stamps Zimbabwe & Rubber Stamps

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Sales Invoice, Quotation and Receipt Books

Branded self-carbonated sales invoice books, quotation books, sales receipt Books, delivery note books, order books in Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We make sales books tailor-made for your business.

A3 Sales Invoice, Quotation or Receipt Book

Sales Invoice, Quotation or Receipt Book

USD$30 / ZWD$111000

A4 Sales Invoice, Quotation or Receipt Book

Sales Invoice, Quotation or Receipt Book

USD$15 / ZWD$55500

A5 Sales Invoice, Quotation or Receipt Book

Sales Invoice, Quotation or Receipt Book

USD$10 / ZWD$37000

Trodat rubber stamps, hand stamps, self-inking stamps, date stamps

Rubber Stamps

We have all Trodat rubber stamps for any job, from hand stamps, self-inking stamps, date stamps to pocket and mobile stamps.

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Engraving in Harare, zimbabwe


We engrave metals and other materials using laser. For example, we can engrave trophies, medals, jewellery, asset tags, business cards, etc.

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Business Signs, Badges and Banners

Business Signs, Badges and Banners

We make high quality plastic badges, metal wall plaques and signs (Finishes: brass, stainless steel, brushed aluminiun, gold/silver laminate), door and desk nameplates, key fobs, etc.

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Trodat Products

Browse Trodat stamps by type.

Trodat Professional

Trodat Professional

It's Beautiful. It's Stronger. It's Cleaner. It's Faster. These were the main criteria in the thoughtful development of the incipient Trodat Professional 4.0. The brushed stainless steel reflects the high-quality processing of the stamp. The robust and sturdy casing provides a worthy frame for numerous incipient application benefits.

BEAUTIFUL, The most beautiful rubber stamp machine ever made, it works beautifully as well.

STRONGER, the solid metal construction made from brushed stainless steel guarantees the greatest possible stability & durability.

CLEANER, the new finger guard keeps fingers clean when changing the ink cartridge & setting the date.

FASTER, the special grip zones on the feet, combined with the slim stamp design and the new date band drive mechanism on most models guarantee faster and preciser date setting & alignment.

Buy Trodat Professional
Trodat Original printy

Trodat Original Printy

The Pristine Printy 4.0 it beautiful in design and also climate-neutral. As standard. In comparison with the precedent model, up to 50%*  

CO2 is preserved during manufacture. The residual, unavoidable CO2  footprint is compensated by investment in Gold Standard climate bulwark projects recommended by the WWF®.

CLIMATE-NEUTRAL. AS STANDARD. The Original Printy 4.0 is climate-neutral. As standard. 

CLEAN, INTUITIVE INK CARTRIDGE CHANGE. Two special grip zones allow a cartridge to be exchanged without touching the ink reservoir—for guaranteed clean fingers.

INCREDIBLY SMALL AND LIGHT. The Original Printy 4.0 is one of the world's smallest and lightest self-inking stamps. Soft-touch elements guarantee a pleasant, secure stamp grip.

PRECISE IMPRINT POSITIONING. The Original Printy 4.0's crystal-clear positioning window also enables accurately placed imprints. The transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment.

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Trodat Ideal Seal Presses

Trodat Ideal Seal Presses

Their fine quality and durability make Trodat Ideal Seal Presses the world's bellwethers. They're a favorite with notaries, corporations, engineers, and regime officials, assuring clean impressions with minimal effort. Whether it is a company logo, a private address or something ingenious: there are no inhibitions to the number of applications of the Trodat Ideal Seal Press:

PERFECT IMPRESSION. Trodat Zimbabwe Ideal Seal features a clear indication when the impression is made properly ("CLICK") and positioning marks guarantee perfect alignment of impression.

SMALLEST EFFORT. The significant force reduction vs. Model No 1 & M enables to create a beautiful and detailed impression with minimal effort.

POCKET & DESK SEAL. Versatile use as pocket & desk seal.

SUPERIOR ERGONOMICS. The Trodat Ideal Seal is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold and light to carry.

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