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Customized Trodat Rubber Stamps And Company Seal Embossers For Sale Online Zimbabwe

Customized Trodat Rubber Stamps And Company Seal Embossers For Sale Online Zimbabwe

Author: Trodat Zimbabwe

Customized Trodat rubber stamps, date stamps, notary public stamps and company seal embossers for sale online in Harare, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Step by step guide on how to buy Trodat stamps online

  1. 1. Send stamp details on
    WhatsApp: 0773625635

  2. 2. Receive stamp design

  3. 3. Pay Payment Methods

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     Receive your stamp in 2-20 hours (Zimbabwe)

Personalise your documents by rubber stamping them. At Trodat Stamps we make sure that dating your documents is a quick and easy process. Our multi-color date stamps work just like ordinary stamps except that they han has movable bands that adjust for the year, month, and day. This comes in handy when you have repeated items that need to be marked with the date. Customize one of our designs or use our date stamp designer to create a stamp of your own design.

Here are some common uses for date stamps:

Bill payment

Shipping and receiving paperwork

Production and parts inspection

Food packaging

Scanned or entered documents

Received or sent mail

Emailed or faxed documents

The StampMaker has a wide selection of custom date stamps available, including different body styles and sizes.

Overview of the Different Types of Date Stampers

Depending on the intended use and frequency of a date stamp, you will want to choose from one of our different types of date stamps.

Heavy Duty Self-Inking

These self-inking stamps are designed to withstand daily high-volume use. This date stamp is made with a strong metal core, and the self-inking feature allows you to keep up with high demand. These stamps make several thousand impressions before needing to be re-inked.

Standard Plastic Self-inking

These date stamps are lightweight and ideal for going with you anywhere. The self-inking feature means you don’t have to take an ink pad along. Just re-ink the self-contained ink pad as needed. These date stamps are also good for several thousand impressions.

Economical with Separate Stamp Pads

These are a dependable choice for any budget. They come on a durable metal frame and last for years. These date stamps are customizable. So, you can still get exactly what you need without the extra cost of a self-inking stamp. Having a separate stamp pad means you can change ink colors easily.

How to Adjust Your Date Stamp

If the date on your date stamp is not making a good imprint, or if the text around the date is not printing well, you will need to adjust your stamp. Follow these simple steps to get your date stamp working properly:

Hold your date stamp upside-down and locate the screws.

Choose a screwdriver to fit the screw heads on your date stamp.

If the text around your date is not printing well: Turn the screws in a counterclockwise direction.

If the date itself is not printing well: Turn the screws in a clockwise direction.

Check the stamp and re-adjust as necessary.

Re-Inking the Trodat Date Stamp and the 2000 Plus Date Stamp

To extend the life of your Trodat or 2000 Plus Date Stamp, be sure to re-ink your ink pad regularly. Here’s how:

Turn your stamp so that the Trodat or 2000 Plus logo is facing away from you.

Push the stamp down slightly.

Locate the small grip for the ink pad and pull out the pad.

Add 5-10 drops of ink (Use Trodat ink for the Trodat Date Stamp and 2000 Plus ink for the 2000 Plus Date Stamp. It’s important to use the proper stamp ink.)

Once the ink is absorbed, re-insert the stamp pad back into the stamp with the ink side of the pad toward the date stamp bands.

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