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Legal Sector Stamps and Seals

Legal Sector Stamps and Seals

Author: Trodat Zimbabwe

Addressing the needs of your clients is paramount to your business’s success. Trodat self-inking stamps and business accessories are a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to streamline your processes whilst delivering on style and functionality.

Company Embossing Press

Perfect for embossing your company logo on documents, adding an official seal of approval.

  • Additional sizes available
  • Seal labels available in a variety of different colours

Ref: 83719

Size: 41mm

RRP: $80.00

Legal Verification Stamp

Save precious time verifying that you have seen the original copy of legally required documents.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Replacement pads available

Ref: 123197

Size: 55 x 25 mm

RRP: $45.00

Business Card Stamp

Brand your documents, leaflets etc. with a personalised Business Card Stamp.

Multi-coloured impressions available

Prints 1000’s of clear images

Ref: 63366

Size: 64 x 26 mm

RRP: $20.00

Legal Confidentiality Stamp

Clearly mark legal documents and envelopes as confidential to ensure you and your company remain compliant with regulatory bodies such as The Law Society of Zimbabwe

Ref: 11666

Size: 70 x 10mm

RRP: $20.00

Signature Stamp

Mark cheques & sign company documents with ease with the Trodat signature stamp.

  • Your exact signature imprint
  • Make light work of repetitive tasks

Ref: 11664

Size: 56 x22mm

RRP: $20.00

Personalised Paralegal Stamp Pen

Featuring stylus and flip-out stamp these highly functional pens will make light work of repetitive tasks.

Ref: 83721 (black), 83981 (chrome)

Size: 33 x 8.7mm

RRP: $50.00

Company Branding Stamp

Personalise company letters, compliment slips and reduce printing costs with a company branding stamp.

  • Largest self-inking stamp
  • Multi-colour option available

Ref: 110087

Size: 115 x 70mm

RRP: $60.00

Administrative Stamps

These stamps feature phrases commonly used on office paperwork, ideal to streamline efficiency in the office.

RRP: $20.00

Office Date Stamp

  • 4mm date size
  • 12 years of dates
  • Built in black stamp pad.

Ref: 120193

RRP: $30.00

Office Word/Date Stamp

  • 12 years of dates with a choiceof wording
  • Built-in red and blue ink pad-prints the words in blue andthe date in red (4mm date)

Ref: 141365 - PAID, 139922 - RECEIVED, 141303 - FAXED, 141386 - CHECKED

RRP: $30.00

ID Protection Stamp

Remain GDPR compliant by stamping away any personal customer information.

  • Stamp – no need to shred documents
  • Protect you and your company from identity theft

Ref: 53905

RRP: $20.00