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Trodat Printy 4727

Trodat Printy 4727

The Trodat Printy 4727 is the best selling rubber stamp in Zimbabwe. It is affordable, strong and can take almost all of your businesses details, for general use on any document size eg A4 papers

  • Max size: 60 x 40 mm
  • Date size: 4 mm
  • Climate-neutral. As standard.
  • Red and Black colour
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Plastic construction

Buy Trodat Printy 4727 Online Instructions

Use the following steps to buy the Trodat Printy 4727 rubber stamps using EcoCash. If you are buying multiple stamps, multiply the USD$30 / ZWD$6900 by the number of stamps you are buying and send the total.

  1. Send the USD$30 / ZWD$6900 to 0773 625 635 (Andrew Mutenga)
  2. Design your stamp using the form below
  3. Enter the EcoCash approval code
  4. Enter your name, email and phone number
  5. Enter stamps delivery address
Item Price
Trodat Printy 4727 USD$30 / ZWD$6900
Delivery Fee (In Harare) USD$5 / ZWD$1150
Delivery Fee (Out of Harare) FREE

Trodat Printy 4727 Live Preview


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Stamp details, verify in live preview above. Don't worry if your info can't fit in live preview, we will make it fit.

USD$30 / ZWD$6900 ecocash to 0773 625 635, Andrew Mutenga. Your stamps are delivered to the address you specify below

Call or Whatsapp 0773 625 635 to follow up.

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